Sunrise in Batu - Agfa Precisa CT-100

Sunrise in Batu

I spent 3 days in Batu with family and we were amazed by the sunrise view there. Here are some shots taken on Agfa Precisa CT-100 film.

How to Eliminate the Fuji Velvia "Magenta Cast"

I love the colors of Fuji Velvia, but I don’t like the magenta color cast that can result during daylight shooting. You will find many discussions related to this if you google “velvia magenta cast”... (my article on

Green Moss on the Beach

The sea water was receding at this time and I could see beautiful, green moss on the rock. Shoot on Provia 100F..

Harsh light on Velvia

I was happy to see that the sky is not blown out and the foreground details are clearly visible.

To take this shot, I have to bring the sky (higlight) exposure close to the foreground (shadow) exposure with not more than 3 stops difference.

Working with the narrow latitude of slide films

Rare Clouds in a Warm Sunset

I rarely seen these kinds of clouds during a sunset at home. The texture and colors just made such a beautiful, warm sunset. And it was the perfect time, as my camera was already loaded with Provia 100F.

- by Yusuf Wiryonoputro -
Mostly landscapes on film.